Wadi Basin

The Wadi basin is available in Bronze, Zinc and Solid Surface. The metal basins are manufactured in Australia, on order, and takes approximately 4 weeks from order to delivery.

Bathroom basin in bronze
Merwe bronze basins

Merwe Wadi basin

The Wadi small basin is designed to fit in small spaces room. Specifically,  bathrooms where there is not enough space for a large basin. To explain the small size of this bathroom basin, this oval basin is narrow. However, the space inside is big enough to ensure that it is practical.

The size of the Wadi basin is 536x275x140mm

About Bronze + Zinc

Merwe designs all their Merwe basins in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia at the Merwe design studio. We have 20 years experience in the bathroom industry, specifically in designing bath ware. The unusual bathroom basins are not only designed to create iconic interiors worldwide. The designer basins also, are crafted with an ergonomic input, to ensure practical basins and baths.

After Merwe introduced the solid surface range in 2016, Merwe introduced the solid bronze basins, which have a rich colour. The bronze we use at Merwe Bath ware is the same that is used for bronze public sculptures. We apply patina to the bronze and zinc basins to ensure the beautiful basin finish. With Merwe basins, you can get the same basin design in different materials!