Loch basin

The Loch basin is available in bronze, zinc and solid surface.  The Loch basin in bronze and zinc is made and designed in Australia.  The metal basins are made on order and take approximately 4 weeks from order. We keep stock of the solid surface basins.

Loch basin in Zinc

Metal wash basin

Merwe’s Loch basin is available in solid zinc and bronze. Furthermore, the metal basins are manufactured in Australia and hand finished by a sculptor.  The bathroom basin has soft, feminine lines. The design of the basin will ensure that your new bathroom has a classical feel to it; the Loch basin is timeless,  Furthermore, this bathroom basin will be in fashion for years to come.

Merwe’s designers decided to introduce soft lined bathroomware. In fact, in interior design, we were exposed to years of masculine design.  Indeed, with all the environmental awareness, sustainability of immediate shops and manufacturers, Merwe feels that the Australian market is in search of something more homely and comfortable.  The oval stone basin will establish your home as a home and not only a house.

The zinc basins are cast solid and are very reactive. If you want a unique, natural bathroom basin, then the zinc basins are for you. Every basin will react to your specific environment and will be influenced by how far you stay from the sea, and what your water type is.  More information is available at Product Information.

The Merwe bronze basin has a rich colour that deepens over time. Every basin is unique because of how the metal reacts with the patina and its environment.

The size of the Loch bathroom basin is 532x397x130mm.