Arroyo Basin

The Arroyo basin is made and designed in Australia by Merwe Bathware. The basin is made on order, in brass. Delivery takes approximately 4 weeks from order.  We apply the Ocean Patina or the Bronze Patina.

Arroyo Basin

The Arroyo basin is a round basin manufactured in brass. This brass basin is available in Ocean Patina or Bronze patina. Every bathroom basin will be different because of the way the patina reacts with the metal and the environment.  This Merwe basin will be the focus point of your bathroom in the years to come.

All of Merwe’s products refer to different waterbodies.  According to

the meaning of Arroyo is “a small steep-sided watercourse or gulch with a nearly flat floor: Usually dry after heavy rains.”

The size of the Arroyo basin is 440 x 135mm