Moat Basin

Merwe’s Large Round Basin

The Moat basin is a large round basin with sharp edges.  Even more, enhance the sharpness of the edge, this bathroom basin’s edge is designed with a slight angle.  Furthermore, this stone basin is practical because of the size and the depth. Merwe’s round large basin is suitable for bathrooms where you need space ‘to bath the cat’!  Besides that this large basin is practical, the simplicity of the luxury basin will make it the focus point of your designer bathroom.

Moat round basin is manufactured in different materials

Furthermore, Merwe’s round basins are manufactured in Solid Surface, Solid Bronze or Solid Zinc. Solid Surface basins are available in Matt and Gloss.  Solid Bronze basins are hand finished with patina in the same manner than public sculptures.  To clarify information on the materials of Merwe’s basins, click here.

To explain, Merwe’s bathroomware all have the names of waterbodies. Also, the word Merwe is not only our surname but also means ‘lake’ in Dutch. Therefore, the meaning of Moat, according to  is a deep, wide trench, usually filled with water, surrounding the rampart of a fortified place, as a town or a castle. The designers of the Moat round basin though that the Moat washbasin symbolise the round space around a castle.

The size of the Moat basin is 435 x 138mm.

Moat Basin also available in Bronze & Zinc.