Marsh Basin

Merwe’s small basin

The Marsh basin is a small basin with a round shape.  Certainly, this bathroom basin is ideal for small bathrooms where the basin is in the corner. Furthermore, the size of the small basin and the depth of the bowl of the stone basin ensure that it is a practical basin. The basin has soft, feminine lines. For that reason, the soft lines of the solid surface basin allow enough space for your hands. This stone, zinc and bronze basin is suitable for small spaces like guest bathrooms and hotel rooms.

Materials of Merwe’s Marsh small basin

Merwe’s basins are manufactured in Solid Surface (matt and gloss) Solid Bronze and Solid Zinc. The bronze basin has a Bees Waxed Patina. Click here to get more information on the materials of Merwe basins.

All of Merwe’s bathroomware are named after waterbodies, because of the association with water. To explain the word ‘Marsh” the Meriam-Webster Dictionary describes the word as an area of soft, wet land that has many kinds of grass and other plants. Merwe chose this word for this small basin, because of the soft lines of the designer basin.

The size of the Marsh basin is Dia397x130mm