Cove Basin

Merwe’s large oval basin

The name of Merwe’s oval basin is Cove basin.  This bathroom basin is available with or without an internal overflow. However, the Merwe Cove basin with an internal overflow is higher than the Cove basin without an internal overflow.  To illustrate the difference, both basins are showed on this page.  In addition, this oval basin is a large countertop basin.  Furthermore, the oval shape of the stone basin will ensure a practical bathroom solution, with classical style.

The materials of the Cove basin

The Cove basin is available in gloss and matte Solid Surface finish, solid bronze and solid zinc. Merwe supply the variety of materials in bathroom basins, to suit your personal requirements. To explain the materials in more depth click here. Finally, but not the least all Merwe’s bathware are designed in Australia.

For interest sake, all Merwe’s bathroomware are named after waterbodies. Specifically, The Cambridge dictionary says that the cove means the curved part of a coast that partly surrounds an area of water. To explain, the Cove basin is curved, and therefore we thought that this will be an appropriate name for the oval basin. 

The size of the Cove basin is 540x380x140mm.