Channel Basin

Rectangular Basin for contemporary bathroom

The Channel basin is a rectangular basin manufactured in Solid Surface, Solid Bronze, and Zinc. This designer basin’s rectangular shape complements the sharp edges. Furthermore, there is a slope of the edge. In fact, this draws the eye to the focal point of the bathroom basin: the beautiful rim of the basin.  Undoubtedly, this basin will fit in spaces with a very modern contemporary look.

Merwe’s master designer designed this bathroom basin,  with the purpose that the basin can installed underslung or as a top-mounted basin.

According to National Geographic, “a channel is a wide strait or waterway between two landmasses that lie close to each other. A channel can also be the deepest part of a waterway. Or a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water.” (accessed 30 August 2017). All of Merwe’s bathware is named after waterbodies. This is because of the association between bathware and water.

The size of the Channel basin is 565x368x130mm.