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Merwe Bathroom Basins

Merwe’s bathroom basins are designed in Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia at the Merwe design studio. We have 20 years experience in designing bathroomware. Our designer basins create iconic bathrooms worldwide. To ensure practical bathware, Merwe’s luxurious basins are crafted with an ergonomic input. You can create your designer bathroom with Merwe basins.

Materials of Merwe Bathroom Basins

Whilst active in the market, we realised that the market is looking for something new. Therefore, Merwe introduced a variety of materials in the basins-range.

Stone Basins

Merwe loves the stone look of solid surface bathroom basins. In addition, we love the characteristics of solid surface basins. Hence, the reason solid surface is the foundation material of our basin range. In addition, our stone bathware are available in matte and gloss finishes. The stone basins are easy to clean because of the high-quality materials used. Especially relevant is that the bathroom basins are practical for any bathroom: from the en-suite his- and her bathroom to a bathroom suitable for the children. Our designer basins are suitable for hotels and public spaces. After the solid-surface basins were introduced in the market, Merwe slowly developed basins in other materials.

In conclusion, Merwe’s basin designs are available in various materials!

Bronze and Zinc Basins

We first introduced solid bronze basins as an alternative to solid surface. The bronze basins are known for a beautiful rich golden colour. Merwe Bathware uses the same bronze that is used for bronze public sculptures. We apply patina on the bronze basins to ensure a gorgeous basin finish.

The next material that was introduced was zinc. This developed because we researched historical materials in bathware. Merwe’s designers realised that bathroom baths and basins were manufactured in zinc for centuries. Consequently, Merwe re-introduced zinc basins in Australia. The contemporary bathroom basins have a modern touch to enhance the beauty of the material. Furthermore, zinc basins react to the environment of your bathroom. This material is alive.

As a result, you can get the same basin design in different materials!  We are very excited to see how this component will influence bathroom design of interior architects and interior designers.

Merwe designed small basins for powder rooms. Elegant basins were designed for modern style bathrooms. Furthermore, bronze basins and zinc basins are available for the person who loves the finer things in life.  The bronze and zinc basins are ideal for design-sensitive who want to make a statement. Some of the Merwe basins have soft lines for a more feminine designed bathroom, and other stone basins have harder lines. The design options will be suitable for the person who loves contemporary stark lines, and for those who wants a feminine bathroom. These designer basins are designed to compliment your Merwe bath.