Bayou Bath

Small Stone Baths

The Bayou Baths are stone baths with an elegantly curved rim. The rim is not only sexy but also functional: The rim not only supports your head but also for grip to pull you up from a reclining position. This function is normally absent from modern freestanding bathtubs.

In addition, the small bath is only 1550mm.  Actually, these stone baths are an elegant and luxurious bathroom centrepiece. Ultimately, this designer bath is the right size for modern day practicality and use. These solid surface baths have an excellent heat retention and are easy to repair.

Materials of Merwe Stone baths

Merwe’s baths are available in solid surface, in a matt and gloss finish. Furthermore, the baths are manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure easy cleaning. Should you wish to obtain more information about solid surface baths click here. All Merwe’s stone baths are manufactured with an internal overflow.

The size of the Bayou stone bath is 1550 x 812 x 600 mm, and is a small freestanding bath that can fit into small spaces.

Bayou Bath Data SheetBayou Installation InstructionsBayou DWG FileBayou Sketchup File

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For interest sake, all of Merwe’s bathroom baths and basins are named after waterbodies.  The name “Merwe’ is not only our surname but also means lake in Dutch. Therefore, the founders of Merwe felt that their surname is an appropriate company name because it has to do with water.

bayou (/ˈb./ or /ˈbjuː/, from the French) : a body of water typically found in a flat, low-lying area, and can be either an extremely slow-moving stream or river (often with a poorly defined shoreline), or a marshy lake or wetland.  [Wikipedia accessed 28 July 2016]