Merwe Oxbow Bath

Merwe Bayou Bath

MERWE Free standing Baths

We design all our MERWE free standing baths at the Merwe design studio, situated in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia. We have 20 years experience in designing bath ware. The luxury baths are designed to create iconic interiors worldwide.  Furthermore, stone baths are crafted with an ergonomic precision, to ensure comfortable Merwe stone baths.

As specialised bathware designers, we realised that the market is now knowledgeable on the properties of solid surface baths.  In addition, the market is looking for stone baths that are comfortable. Therefore Merwe decided to introduce freestanding baths with elegant curved rims. As a result, you now can truly relax when reclining in your luxury bathtub. You do not anymore need a polyurethane cushion to be comfortable in your luxury Merwe bath. In addition, the curved rim of the Bayou stone bath can also be used for grip to pull you up from a reclining bath. Most noteworthy,  this function is normally absent from modern freestanding baths.

Merwe loves the stone look and properties of freestanding baths. Consequently, the solid surface baths are available in matte and gloss finishes. Because of the high-quality materials used, to manufacture Merwe baths, these stone baths are easy to clean. Therefore Merwe baths are suitable and practical for any bathroom: from the en-suite his- and her bathroom to a bathroom and for the children’s bathroom. The designer baths are excellent for hotels and private designer houses and lodges.

Sizes available of MERWE free standing baths

There are oval shaped baths in small and large sizes in the Merwe bath ware range. Merwe’s small size luxury bath is small enough to fit in small bathrooms, such as hotel rooms and penthouses. This bath is 1550mm and is called the Bayou bath.

Merwe’s large freestanding bath is large enough for two people to sit and is called the Oxbow bath. Our luxury baths have soft lines for your designer bathroom. The Oxbow bath is 1700mm.

Solid surface basins are designed to complement your Merwe stone bath.