Strait Vanity 900mm

Merwe 900mm wall-hung vanity

The wall-hung vanity is called the Strait bathroom vanity and is 900mm. Because of the small size, this Merwe vanity is suitable for small spaces. For example, for powder room bathrooms. Furthermore, the stone vanity can be placed on top of a cupboard, or it is supplied with brackets to be wall-hung.  Because of the material and the design, the wall-hung vanity has a smooth surface. For this reason, the Strait Vanities are easy to clean. Furthermore, there is no place where dirt can gather.  As a matter of fact, the seamless design of the Merwe Strait vanity ensures that it an ideal choice for hotel bathrooms. This wall-hung vanity is ideal for the person who values hygiene.

Although this wall-hung vanity does not take a lot of space, there is enough space for your bathroom products. The Merwe 900mm Strait Vanity has sharp lines and is ideal for the contemporary bathroom. The design is very modern.  Click this link to view more sizes of Merwe wall-hung vanities.

The Cambridge dictionary defines a ‘strait’ as a narrow area of sea that connects two larger areas of the sea.

The size of the Strait Vanity 900mm is 900x470x60mm.

Strait Vanity 900mm Data SheetStrait Vanity 900mm DWG FileStrait Vanity 900mm Sketchup File

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