Strait Vanity 1200mm

1200mm Bathroom Vanity

The name of the 1200mm bathroom vanity is the Strait Vanity. This stone vanity top is suitable for a bathroom where you need more space to put toiletries on the vanity top. Furthermore, the luxury vanity top can be installed on a larger cupboard.  In addition, this vanity has a single bowl with an internal overflow.  Merwe bathware designed the bathroom vanity with a seamless surface, to ensure easy cleaning The Strait vanity is supplied with brackets: the vanity can be wall-hung or placed on a cupboard.

For interest sake, all of the names of the bathroom products of Merwe is called after waterbodies.  The reason for this is that not only the association of bathware with water. But also the founders’ surname is Merwe.  According to Wikipedia a ‘strait’ a naturally formed, narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water. It most commonly refers to a channel of water that lies between two land masses. It may also refer to a navigable channel through a body of water that is otherwise not navigable. Because it is too shallow, or because it contains an unnavigable reef orarchipelago.

The size of the Strait Vanity 1200mm is 1200x470x60mm

Strait Vanity 1200mm Data SheetStrait Vanity 1200mm DWG FileStrait Vanity 1200mm Sketchup File

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