Merwe Strait Vanity 900mm

Merwe Strait Vanity 1200mm

Merwe Strait Vanity 1700mm

Merwe bathroom vanities

At the Merwe studio, we design all the bathroom vanities. The studio is in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia. The designers of Merwe have 20 years experience in the bathroom industry, specifically in designing bath ware. The luxury vanities are not only designed to create iconic interiors worldwide. Also, the wall-hung vanities, are crafted with an ergonomic input. This ensures practical seamless stone vanities. Merwe vanities are available in 900mm, 1200mm and 1700mm.

As a matter of fact, we realised that the high-end market is looking for stone vanities that are not only beautiful but also practical. For this reason, Merwe decided to introduce stone vanities with a variety of lengths. The shorter bathroom vanities are available with one bowl and the 1700mm vanity is available with two bowls. The vanities have sharp crisp edges. The stone vanities are designed to either be wall-hung or can sit on your customised vanity cupboard. The luxury vanities are supplied with brackets to be attached to your wall.

Bathroom Vanity Materials

Merwe loves the stone look and characteristics of wall hung vanities. The bathroom vanities are available in matte and gloss finishes. Therefore, Merwe’s stone vanities are easy to clean and practical for any bathroom. For instance from the en-suite his- and her bathroom to a children bathroom. The designer vanities are suitable for hotels and private designer houses and lodges.

The luxury vanities are the same material than your solid surface Merwe bathtub. Actually, it will be suitable to use the two products in the same space. With the stone vanities, we supply Merwe branded pop-up plugs in chrome, and brushed nickel finishes. Furthermore, the stone vanities are on display at our hand-selected exclusive retailer nationwide.

All of the Merwe products are named after water bodies. “Strait”, the name of our exclusive vanity tops, means the narrow area of sea that connects two larger areas of the sea (Cambridge dictionary).  For example, the Straits of Gibraltar.